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Thinking of using a Financial Adviser?
The financial services regulator The Financial Conduct Authority (or “FCA” for short) suggests you should ask your prospective adviser firm the following 11 Questions before you decide:

You can check on the FCA’s comments on each question and why they think you should be asking on their website by following this link

We are happy to fully and comprehensively answer these questions for you but here, for now, are the short answers!

Q1: Are you approved by the FCA
Yes, of course - our Firm Reference Number is 766218 and you can see us on the Regulator’s Register here

Q2: What experience and qualifications do you have?
Lots! All of our advisers are experienced, most more than 20 years, and are at least Level 4 qualified to meet the FCA requirements.

Q3: What type of advice do you offer?
Independent Advice not Restricted Advice (see elsewhere on this website to understand the difference) as we feel it’s very important for our clients.

Q4: What are your charges?
We charge fees based on either a fixed and agreed fee for a piece of work, or based on hourly time based fees, or a combination if it suits you better – full details in our Terms of Business and Service Level Agreement document.

Q5: Can the cost be deducted from my investments?
Yes, if it is in your best interest to do so! We’ll explain fully if we reach that stage.

Q6: How do you assess my financial needs?
By getting to know you thoroughly and getting sufficient information from you to do our job – the client/adviser relationship it is at all times a two-way street.

Q7: How do you assess whether a product or investment has the right level of risk for me?
By understanding your Risk Tolerence and Capacity For Loss (sorry, technical terms but vital) and making sure you understand these terms too.

Q8: How will I receive the advice?
Via whatever method suits you, not us, best – face-to-face, by email, posted reports, phone follow up, whatever is right for you.

Q9: Do you offer an on-going service and how much does it cost?
Yes we do if you want this, and it normally costs 0.75% of the total value of the assets we agree between us that you want us to administer for you.

Q10: How often should I review my investments?
Again, as often as you are comfortable with – some clients require lots of review time and we provide that, some only an annual review; we will agree this between us.

Q11: Who will look after my advice?
Your personal adviser will be an experienced and qualified adviser, with the relevant skills that your circumstances need, who will in turn be backed up by a member of our experienced back office team.